.net Developer

San José, Costa Rica
Full time

Job Summary

Are you a .NET Developer who relishes the challenge of overhauling a poorly written legacy app and modernizing it to be a containerized, cloud-based, web services app interconnected with a freshly architected service bus implementation? Are you passionate about test driven development (TDD)write clean code, and refactor in your dreams? Do you like to automate everything and raise the bar on CI/CD pipelinesAre you driven to perfect your craft and adopt new techniques and technologiesDo you like working in a closely knit team and sharing your passion with your fellow teammates? Can you adapt to fresh demands and model the Agile methodology to a business still transitioning from a waterfall mentality? 

We’re trying to build an outstanding team that loves what they do and who they work with. We’re looking to hire a passionate .NET Developer who can help us not just code to today’s demands but to raise the level of the team for tomorrow. We are upgrading on premises Windows and IIS-based .NET Framework WCF SOAP services and MVC/WCF apps to Linux, Docker, cloud-based, .NET 5/6 WebApi HTTP JSON services with Mulesoft service bus, and web/mobile apps with fully automated Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines. 


  • .NET 5/.Net Core 2.x+/.NET Framework 4.x+, Web API, ASP.Net MVC, WPF, Unit Testing, Git, Azure DevOps, Visual Studio 2019/Code, Docker, HTTP protocol, IIS
  • SQL Server (TSQL, Unions, Stored Procs, Functions, Database Design)


  • Deep understanding of C# language and syntax (5+ years)
  • Clean Coding Practices (e.g. DRY, Separation of Concerns, Principle of Least Knowledge, YAGNI, SOLID, Immutability, Dependency Injection (DI), Design Patterns, Refactoring)
  • Test driven development (TDD)
  • Ability to read, comprehend, and follow the Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Strong experience building standardized RESTful APIs
  • Skillful with multi-threading and memory management concepts (e.g. Parallel Processing, Async/Tasks, Fire and Forget)
  • Versed in secure development practices (know about common attacks and how to code to prevent vulnerabilities)
  • Structured query language (SQL) and SQL Server experience
  • Experience developing in teams within the SCRUM and Kanban methodologies


  • Architectural experience a plus
  • Background in cross-cutting concerns such as logging, tracing, caching, etc.
  • Understanding of SOAP/WCF services
  • WPF experience
  • Mulesoft experience a plus
  • Front end (JavaScript, React, etc.) experience a plus
  • Salesforce experience a plus
  • DevOps experience (Build pipelines, Docker, Kubernetes, etc) a plus

JOB QUALIFICATIONS: Essential Skills, Abilities and Example Behavior(s)

  • COLLABORATE: Able to understand the importance of working with peers in other areas or management to reach “best practice” solutions for the organization; Able to inform and seek information to anticipate and consider the impact of decisions or actions on the overall organization
  • ACT WITH INTEGRITY: Able to demonstrate uncompromising adherence to ethical principles; Able to demonstrate honesty in all actions; Able to admit and correct mistakes promptly; Able to assume full responsibility and accountability for own actions
  • THINK STRATEGICALLY: Able to see the “big picture” and be future-thinking; Able to anticipate future trends and consequences accurately; Able to take a broad perspective; Able to create a vision of organizational objectives; Able to make decisions based on long-term company goals
  • TAKE INITIATIVE: Able to exhibit tendencies to be self-starting and not wait for signals; Able to be proactive and demonstrate readiness and ability to initiate action; Able to take action beyond what is required and volunteers to take on new assignments; Able to complete assignments independently without constant supervision
  • SPEAK COMPETENTLY: Able to speak clearly and concisely; Able to use appropriate vocabulary for the audience; Able to get technical points across unambiguously and check for understanding
  • BE ANALYTICAL: Able to effectively gather all relevant information; Able to identify key issues; Able to qualitatively and / or quantitatively process data; Able to identify relationships, draw logical conclusions and interpret results for use in decision-making



  • Bachelor’s degree or better within the field of Computer Science
  • Microsoft certifications are a plus



  • Regular business hours.  Additional hours may be required.
  • Climate-controlled office environment during normal business hours
  • Regular attendance and punctuality required
  • May be subject to  pre-employment criminal background check and/or drug screening as well as random drug screenings in accordance with company policy



Accepted file types: xlsx, txt, docx, pdf, Max. file size: 64 MB.
Accepted file types: xlsx, txt, docx, pdf, Max. file size: 64 MB.