Understanding the problem should happen before offering a solution

In today’s IT world where everything evolves and moves at the speed of light a few things seems to be glued to the floor. On of those things is the ability to provide a solution that fits a client’s specific problems. Most IT Nearshoring companies tend to provide a One size fit all kind of solution, they either provide Fixed Budget Projects or Team Augmentation, but the true is that things are not black or white.

At Sapiens we provide first hand free consulting to determine the client’s needs and provide a solution that is exactly the size and shape of what they need. Maybe you don’t need a Project Manager or an Architect because you already have one, or maybe you do need them. The important thing is to analyze your specific needs before offering a solution.

Our Methodology to offer a solution

We believe that this a very important factor in our project success rate. A good start lead to a good ending.

The Business Requirements Meeting

After the first contact has been made we like to have a business requirements gathering with your SME’s and key Stake Holders to speak not only about the business process that you intend to digitalize, but also about the business goals and how this project will make a good fit with the organization’s objectives.

This meeting is a technical jargon free environment, we want to know your company’s terminology, sense your organization’s environment and get to know how to speak your business language but also understand what you problems are, how they affect your work and how the project will help your organization to perform better in the market.

The phase of analysis

Once we gather this preliminary set of information from the meeting we seat down with our Architects and Tech leaders and start designing a solution for your company’s needs.

We focus on designing something that goes in sync with your company’s strategy and goals but also that is scalable enough to grow with your needs and easy to integrate to your ecosystem of IT assets.

With all this information in mind we proceed outline the project, its scope, time to deliver, risks, IT assets and skill set required to estimate the effort needed to develop such tool and present a proposal.

SOW Time

As a result of the previous step we will have an estimation in hand that we will use to develop an SOW that will govern the project. This SOW explains the scope for the project, defines an initial set of requirements as well as the criteria for acceptance and Quality Assurance, the resources assigned and the project plan in accordance to the Software Development Life Cycle that will be used.

This process is a very important part of our project success rate as it makes sure that we understand your needs and that we are familiar with your business before we commit to deliver a solution. Also it allows us to start developing very fast after the SOW signup.

It’s not just what we do but also how we do it

Part of what we determine in the previous three step process is the methodology that better fits your project. The client can choose whatever Methodology he wants but we will make a case for the one we recommend. Over the last 8 years Sapiens has favored the Agile  Philosophy as a way to deliver Software faster an well done. This are the ways in which we are more experienced.


We like it for its flexibility, it provides the ability to quickly adapt to changes and implement faster which in turn help our clients to adapt and seize new opportunities as they appear.

Our favorite flavor is SCRUM.


We like Lean because of its learn – measure – build cycle that generates improvement and removes anything that does not produce value to the Client.

Our favorite flavor is Kanban