System Administrator

System Administrator

Mid System Administrator Remote Full-Time

Remote from Latin America (Graveyard Shift)

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  • Job Summary

    In Sapiens we look out for a great team with great values, we are a company with more than 12 years of experience. Sapiens culture is performance oriented. We want to provide an environment full of the most talented people that strive for excellence and is open to share their experiences and learn from others to become a better developer, team member and person in general. We are committed to working with the best and brightest people from the broadest talent pool possible. 

  • Duties &

    Responsible for the maintenance, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems, network servers, and virtualization

    Install and upgrade computer components and software, manage virtual servers, and integrate automation processes

    Troubleshoot hardware and software errors by running diagnostics, documenting problems and resolutions, prioritizing problems, and assessing impact of issues

    Provide documentation and technical specifications to IT staff for planning and implementing new or upgrades of IT infrastructure

    Perform or delegate regular backup operations and implement appropriate processes for data protection, disaster recovery, and failover procedures

    Lead desktop and helpdesk support efforts, making sure all desktop applications, workstations, and related equipment problems are resolved in a timely manner with limited disruptions

    Responsible for capacity, storage planning, and database performance


    **This position is a Graveyard Shift position (Night Shift)

  • Requirements &

    Associate or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, System Administration, or a closely related field, or equivalent experience required

    3-5 years of database, network administration, or system administration experience

    System administration and IT certifications in Linux, Microsoft, or other network related fields are a plus

    Working knowledge of virtualization, VMWare, or equivalent

    Working knowledge of MySQL, MariaDB or equivalent

    Strong knowledge of systems and networking software, hardware,and networking protocols

    Experience with scripting and automation tools

    A proven track record of developing and implementing IT strategy and plans

    Strong knowledge of implementing and effectively developing helpdesk and IT operations best practices, including expert knowledge of security, storage, data protection, and disaster recovery protocols

  • Benefits

    General ones: 

    • PTO super flexible 
    • Work from anywhere 
    • Continuous training program 
    • Talks and workshops on personal and professional growth 
    • Organizational team building events 
    • Rewards 
    • Social Responsibility committee 
    • Developer’s day celebration 
    • Monthly kudos 
    • 70+ Partnerships with restaurants, hotels, hiking groups, fitness, stores, medical services, psychology services, dental services, universities, pet supply services, pet medical pharmacy chains, events, and car services. 

    Payroll only:  

    • Legal benefits  
    • Life and medical insurance 
    • Vacations 
    • Paternity and maternity leave 
    • Birthday off 
    • Birthday gift card 
    • Holiday celebration day off 
  • Get to know our values!

    • Performance oriented 
    • Responsible and free 
    • Bold and eager 
    • Communicative 
    • Courageous and good judgment  
    • Passionate  
    • Altruistic 
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