Cloud Security Engineer

Cloud Security Engineer

Mid-Senior Cloud Security Engineer Remote from Latin America Full-Time

Remote from Latin America

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  • Job Summary

    We are looking for a Cloud Security Engineer who has a start up mentality and can work alongside a high-functioning team and commit to exceeding expectations. The right candidate will understand the value of truly cross-functional team support and infrastructure as code as well as be instrumental in building, maintaining, upgrading, and continuously improving our cloud-native API. The Cloud Security Engineer will be expected to set platform development, deployment, operations, and monitoring of runtime best practices for our API product as well as an IT professional who creates, maintains, and evolves an AWS cloud infrastructure for running any form of product software whether it be a suite of Software Applications and/or, API platforms.

  • Requirements &

    • 3 + years of development or infrastructure experience with Amazon Web Services or other cloud platforms
    • Experience developing automated deployment scripts and tools for system provisioning and configuration
    • Experience using DevOps tools and processes; creation of CICD pipelines as well as hands-on experience with Typescript, Python and bash scripting
    • Working knowledge of Infrastructure technologies (server, network, storage, load balancing, clustering, WAF, etc.)
    • Experience with leveraging API Security capabilities in authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) frameworks to intelligently control access to resources and enforce policies by using industry-standard protocols such as OAUTH2 and OpenID
    • Experience developing software using API calls, microservices, or serverless
    • Hands-on experience building large-scale application deployments, standard three-tier web applications, big data, and analytics workloads
    • Experience developing APIs in support of operations, monitoring, platform, deployment, etc.
    • An understanding of automation (testing, deployment, runtime support of blue/green deployment strategies)
  • Benefits

    General ones: 

    • PTO super flexible 
    • Work from anywhere 
    • Continuous training program 
    • Talks and workshops on personal and professional growth 
    • Organizational team building events 
    • Rewards 
    • Social Responsibility committee 
    • Developer’s day celebration 
    • Monthly kudos 
    • 70+ Partnerships with restaurants, hotels, hiking groups, fitness, stores, medical services, psychology services, dental services, universities, pet supply services, pet medical pharmacy chains, events, and car services. 

    Payroll only:  

    • Legal benefits  
    • Life and medical insurance 
    • Vacations 
    • Paternity and maternity leave 
    • Birthday off 
    • Birthday gift card 
    • Holiday celebration day off 
  • Get to know our values!

    • Performance oriented 
    • Responsible and free 
    • Bold and eager 
    • Communicative 
    • Courageous and good judgment  
    • Passionate  
    • Altruistic 


  • Our culture

    n Sapiens we look out for a great team with great values, we are a company with more than 12 years of experience. Sapiens culture is performance oriented. We want to provide an environment full of the most talented people that strive for excellence and is open to share their experiences and learn from others to become a better developer, team member and person in general. We are committed to working with the best and brightest people from the broadest talent pool possible. 

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