Costa Rica


Who are we?

We Sapiens Development, a software development company founded in 2009. Since day one we have been focused on the process of converting business ideas into great software by providing technically proficient, motivated and committed teams who understand and have a talent for improving processes.

What does Sapiens
Development do?

Sapiens Development started as a software shop, then we evolved to other business models such as Team Augmentation, Key in Hand and BOT models.
We like to provide our clients with the best posible talent, giving them teams that will add value to our organization, we are also experts in understanding our clients needs when it comes to building a custom made software for them or ramping up a team.

How does Sapiens
Development work?

We are a Costa Rican based software company with offices in the United States. Our collaborators work remotely from all over Latin America. Our culture and values support the work processes at Sapiens Development.

Sapiens Development
At A Glance

100+ Developers
10+ Countries represented
50+ Customers
70 Skills available
15 Days to get your developers
Costa Rica headquarters

Our values


Perfomance Oriented

Responsible & Free

Bold & Eager

Courageous & Good Judgement



Speaking up directly and at the right time. We seek people who know to communicate straightforwardly, bluntly, and respectfully. People who can listen, think, and respond rather than react hastily.
Our team operates like professional athletes striving for victory. We seek individuals who aspire to unleash their full potencial and become the best version of themselves
We believe responsibility is the foundation of freedom. We look for people who can take charge and work diligently to achieve goals, regardless of location.
Our goal is to be the best by constantly improving our capabilities. We seek fearless individuals who view change as an opportunity to prove themselves and are willing to embrace growth and new challenges.
Tough decisions are part of life, and we value individuals who can make sound choices, take calculated risks, and take responsibility for their actions.
Our team members are driven by a passion to inspire others. We look for individuals dedicated to sharing their knowledge, encouraging others, and leading by example in pursuit of excellence.
We prioritize the collective well-being of our team, company, and clients. We seek individuals who embrace and support good ideas, regardless their origin. Their focus is on the common objective, open to persuasion, and always striving for the best interests of all stakeholders.
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Sapiens Development
was founded
00 00
Started our Austin Texas office a registered LLC
00 00
Sapiens Dev. becomes a founding partner of Central Gate
00 00
Started our first remote teams in Argentina & Colombia
00 00
Record sales for 3 years in a row in Central Gate
00 00
Successfully secured the largest client in company history

People who run the show

Alcides Lopez
I love sales, I love talking to people, I love to help my clients and to provide them with the best possible talent. It makes me happy seeing the company grow and helping to place amazing and talented people on great projects.
Alejandra Jarufe
Business Development Lead
My priority is to leave a legacy in people’s lives and to be able to serve as a facilitator for anyone who needs me. I’m passionate about music, reading, cooking, sports, and affectionate feline companions. Contributing to the success of corporate goals while also supporting each individual’s aspirations brings me great satisfaction.
Cristian Rodriguez
P&P Development Program Lead
I am a person passionate about the management of Human Talent, I love sharing a positive culture with my team, developing strategies that contribute to the well-being and satisfaction of employees and the growth of the company from the processes of organizational development and human capital.
Guadalupe Quirós Monge
Human Resources Generalist
Passionate about connecting exceptional talent with opportunities that align with their skills and aspirations. As well as eager to contribute with insights and skills to the organization to build high-performing teams in the ever-evolving landscape of IT.
Isaac Aragón
Recruiting Lead
I love making even the craziest of ideas come to life with a well thought design.
José Ramirez
Graphic Designer
I love numbers, teamwork, and helping others every time I can. I feel gratified to contribute to our company’s growth and sustainability every day doing what I do best and more importantly doing what I love.
Joseline Hernández
Finance & Accounting Executive
My journey has been driven by my unwavering belief in the power of forging meaningful connections, fueled by my deep love for communications. My mission is to create unforgettable moments for employees, transforming the workplace into a vibrant community where collaboration and innovation thrive. I firmly believe that work should be not just productive but genuinely enjoyable.
Karen Mora
Remote Work & Engagement Lead
I’m passionate about finance. Working here has been full of challenges, we’re always looking to achieve results and automate processes. It’s been an amazing process of sharing and learning with Sapiens.
Laura Baltodano
Finance Assistant
Evolving with the digital and real-world, but above all with people. I am dedicated to the creation of meaningful strategies and campaigns. Passionate about storytelling and market trends. A hard-working, creative and responsible person focused on fulfilling all the goals proposed.
Marilena Heinen
Marketing & Communications Lead
Mónica Obando
Marketing & Communication
I am part of the recruiting team, and we will guide you to start your process and career path here at Sapiens. And I love to be part of videos about new positions and other Sapiens networking topics! Hopefully, we can meet soon here at Sapiens!
Sofía Escalante
I manage the operations of our software development teams. Working closely with talented developers and professionals from different areas at Sapiens while building long-term relationships with our clients. As a leader, I aim to create a positive and collaborative environment where people can innovate, implement their ideas, and grow personally and professionally within the company. I’ll be there to help remove any obstacles and optimize processes to increase the efficiency of our work, always “keeping it simple” yet effective.
Tracy Fernandez M.
Operations Lead