Tips for recruiting software developers in LATAM in 2023.

Sapiens Development shares four valuable tips for successful recruiting in 2023. Firstly, prioritize mandatory soft skills and align them with your company's values to find candidates who excel in collaboration and emotional intelligence. Secondly, cater to tech workers' desires by offering a balanced work environment, opportunities for growth, and a focus on their well-being. Thirdly, master the art of sourcing through effective communication, a strong LinkedIn profile, and being responsive. Lastly, schedule interviews promptly to demonstrate commitment and attract top talent.

At Sapiens we know and understand that the current IT market is crowded, we are seeing everyday candidates who are interested in working in this industry and with more offers in hand, but, how do we excel as recruiters and find the perfect fit for our clients and our company’s needs? Here we are going to give you the best recommendations for recruiting in 2023 because, at Sapiens Development, we are experts on the subject. 

Tip #1: Be aware of the mandatory soft skills required

Soft skills are powerful drives in the performance of both workers and the company itself, due to these skills are the ones that allows people to work with each other in an effective way within the company and bring the competitive advantage the firm is looking for.

We recommend you to keep in mind not only the soft skills if not also the values that represent your firm, why? Because these come hand in hand, if performance-oriented is one of the company’s values, you must look for candidates with emotional intelligence who are capable of adjust their emotions to carry out the objectives in the best way as well as developing themselves in their best version.

On the other hand, if the role for which you are looking candidates is remote, you must investigate and discover that effectively, those people feel comfortable working from home and that they are good time managers; thus, they will be able to complete responsibly with their tasks.

Taking the mandatory soft skills required in mind will save you time and money, since you will hire candidates who correctly meet the soft skills that the company requires and the strong ones that the position demands.

Tip #2:  Give what tech workers wish

It is no a secret that today’s IT market is super crowded; hence, we advise you to be up to date with the trends of this market and that you can find strategies to offer candidates what they are also looking for in a position.

Normally, great software developers look for the opportunity to work in a place where they feel comfortable, not where it generates them anxiety and stress, that is to say, they look for a balance between the economic part and their quality of life, they also seek to develop their knowledge beyond what they have already done and have the opportunity to expand their knowledge, that is why, we must show candidates that we want them to feel confident to express their opinions and work in our company, and with our team effectively, we as recruiters are not looking for people who come to contribute only their knowledge and bring us benefits, but we also seek their welfare and that they obtain positive benefits with us too.

Tip #3: Good sourcing is key!

When we talk about sourcing we are talking about the power of “swimming” in the deepest pool of talent and people.

We know sometimes this is hard, and this could be exhausting, but with these good tips you’re going to rock the market!

In sourcing you need:

  • Good communication skills
  • An amazing profile in LinkedIn
  • Being responsive

When you get all these requirements you’re ready to go!

Remember you need to stand out from the others and you will have the power to found the perfect fit for all your needs

Tip #4:Scheduling fast the interviews

We know how challenging the market can be, so that´s why we have the PERFECT tip to make everything easier.

The interviews for us (the recruiters) are the most important step of the process, so If we spend too much time organizing and scheduling interviews, they may get discouraged or even drop out of the process. That is why we need to be able to organize times as fast, easy, and agile as we can, so that our candidates see that the commitment we have with him/her is real and at the same time that our company is worth to be working for.

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by Mónica Obando

August 28, 2023

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