Nearshore Experts


With over 12 years of experience in the market. We are your go-to partner for Nearshore
Software Development teams in LATAM. You’ve come to the right place. 

We are your go-to partner for Nearshore
Software Development teams as a service

We have the service infrastructure you need to quickly ramp up and host your nearshore development team as a service

We attract talent from hundreds of sources throughout the US and LATAM. Our team of recruiters dive deep into the most active tech hubs to stay in touch with possible candidates and be ready for the next requirement.


Effective work
in the same Timezone

We help you reduce time to market and increase your ability to deliver new projects while working in your same time zone. No need to stay up late to be able to interact with your team. Working in your own time zone with more cultural affinity will make a big difference in the final result of your project. We align the team to your time zone so we can work and collaborate during your work hours.

Communication, Language
and Culture Nearshore Experts

A good communication not only depends on the language that we speak but also the cultural affinity of the team and good governance.

Our developer’s English communication skills are evaluated by a third party against the CLFR. We only hire people that ranks B2 or above which reduces the risk of poor communication per account of language barrier.

Our company culture is based on good communication. We only hire people that shows certain skills that play well with our culture of simple, direct, and frank communication. We say what needs to be said, when it needs to be said, in a respectful way.

Get to know
our engagement models

Flexible ways to engage depending on
the nature of your project 

Staff Augmentation Model 

Agile Developers as a Service.
We create and manage your dedicated
Frontend, Backend and Fullstack teams
Can be transformed into a BOT model

Project Based Model

We make your business ideas come true
by developing a custom-made software project.
Taking over the whole process of development
and delivering the final product.

What we’re good at

Custom Software Development

We can develop customized software to support your specific business processes. Sapiens can manage the entire development process, including requirements gathering.

Mobile Apps Developement

This is the creation of software designed to run on mobile devices and optimized to take full advantage of the unique characteristics and hardware of those products.

QA and Automated Testing

With QA automation we provide refers to using a separate piece of software to run tests on the software that you’re developing.

Application Integration

Sapiens helps you merge and optimize data and workflows between two disparate software applications, often a new cloud application with a legacy on-premises application.

App Support and Maintenance

We can help you with the ongoing updating, modification and re-evaluation of software applications to fix bugs or improve performance. And prevent devastating results.

Solution Implementation

We can develop custom software to support your specific business processes. Sapiens can take care of the whole development cycle including requirements gathering.

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Empowering Success: A Nearshore Software Development Partnership

Common Questions

Common Questions

The English fluency and a C1+ in our developers is a must, for this we make a technical assessment and an English interview. We also have exclusive Sapiens trainings with English teachers, free and open to all Sapiens employees who need to reinforce their English.
By headhunting and job posting in LinkedIn Recruiter. By references from Sapiens team members. From Sapiens recruiting partners.

We source the candidates according to the positions we need to fill, mainly with LinkedIn Recruiter. We make pre screenings to filter their English proficiency, social skills, Sapiens fit, and technical qualifications according to the Job Description; compensation package expectations and availability. We schedule technical interviews with our interviewers at Sapiens, so that candidates can prove their skills and knowledge. We prepare candidates’ resumes to be presented to the client. We arrange and assist the client´s interviews and ask for feedback. Once they passed this interview and we get confirmation from the client, we submit offer letters and hiring documentation to the candidates.
Sapiens was founded back in 2009, and since day one all our clients have been in the US, we know the market and we are a registered company in the US making every transaction with our customers easier.
We are an agile company, and every process inside the company is based on agile technology.
We are nearshore experts, we are in the same time zone as the US, an so are our developers, making it easy for them to constantly communicate with our clients, and to be present in every meeting.
We have worked in every single industry, from healthcare to oil, gas and energy, we do not have a preferred industry or a target one, we also like challenges and new things.
Below 4%, we like to provide our employees with a great work environment in which they can grow and feel appreciated, we invest in them.
We are a very flexible company and are always looking out for our customers’ benefit, we can ramp up or down with no problem.
How fast depends on how big the team is, when we have teams of 6+ person to ramp up we dive them in Pods, but if it’s a small team of 3 developers we can have it done in approximately 3 weeks, depending also on the technology required.

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