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  • Quality Assurance

Sapiens Screening Process

3+ hours of tests and interviews We believe in assembling a team of the most suitable developers for your project.

Our rigorous screening process includes:
  1. English

    Ensuring our developers are proficient in English facilitates precise and effective communication.
  2. Technical

    Testing their technical prowess to guarantee they possess the necessary skills for your project.
  3. Social Skills

    Evaluating their interpersonal abilities to ensure they work seamlessly within your team.
  4. Sapiens Fit

    Ensuring that they align with Sapiens’ values and culture to create a cohesive and motivated team.

Technology Stacks

Technology Stacks

Talent Retention

At Sapiens Development, we go above and beyond to retain top talent. We understand the critical importance of having a stable, experienced team working on your project. Here’s why our talent retention strategy stands out:
Talent Retention

Turnover Rate:

Consistently below 4%

Happy Meter:

4.7 out of 5
Talent Retention

Effective Collaboration

Quality work hinges on a collaborative effort between the client and the provider, influenced by these key factors:

Communication & Daily Updates

We provide enhanced transparency into your remote developer’s work through automated time tracking and virtual stand-ups.


Methodology: We promote Agile methodologies to facilitate adaptability, speed development, and maintain high-quality work. Techniques like TDD, DevOps, and Automated Testing ensure adherence to quality standards.

Project Manager

Each team is assigned a dedicated Project Manager on our side to ensure smooth project progress and serve as an additional communication channel in case of unforeseen risks.

Time Zone Match

Our developers match your time zone and overlap a minimum of 4 hours with your workday.

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Personal & Professional Development Program

Our scope and initiatives supported

Career path
Personal and professional trainings​
Relocation processes​
Group growth initiatives​
Improvement plans​

2023 capacitation

67.6% Active
32.4% Inactive

The program is dedicated to providing resources for the personal and professional development of Sapiens development collaborators. It offers guidance and coaching services to support their growth and advancement.

It is responsible for encouraging internal promotions and designing plans to facilitate professional development and improvement of staff. It aims to cultivate human talent within the company and attract external talent to join our organization.

In collaboration with our coaches, HR, and Operations, we work hand in hand to execute all the initiatives outlined in our action plan.

Meet the team

Cristian Rodriguez

Cristian Rodriguez

Program Lead
Lupe Quiros

Lupe Quiros

Jonathan Valverde

Jonathan Valverde

René Gonzalez

René Gonzalez

Isaac Aragón

Isaac Aragón


Training Partners

Engage, Thrive, Connect: Our Remote Work Culture.

We believe in the power of an involved workforce. Our company culture extends beyond completing tasks; it revolves around fostering a sense of belonging, empowerment, and collaboration. That is why our Engagement and Remote Work Department has created a dynamic environment for our talented LATAM professionals.

Culture Of Inclution


In 2023, our Employee Attrition Rate was only 2.2%, showcasing a strong sense of belonging.


With a 97% employee satisfaction rate, our team feels appreciated and deeply connected.

Remote Work, Seamless Collaboration:

We lead the future of work by seamlessly integrating remote collaboration into our culture. Distance is no barrier; every team member is fully engaged, regardless of location.

Read more about this here.

Putting People First:

Our success is rooted in our commitment to prioritizing the well-being and growth of our employees. We go beyond the conventional to offer:

  • Monthly Wellness Subsidy
  • Connection & Networking Programs
  • Recognition Program
  • Professional & Personal Deavelopment Program
  • Personal Days

What Partners say
About Us?

The client’s customers are happy with the solutions that have been delivered courtesy of Sapiensdev.com. They provide high-quality work for an affordable price, and the team is both flexible and communicative.

Scott Auer CEO, Method Factory

The client is delighted with Sapiensdev.com’s work, which has been satisfying throughout the 2-year-long partnership. Their great project management has also been key to the success of the engagement. The client praises their adaptive team, which adjusts to the project’s needs.

Executive HR & IT solutions Firm

Sapiensdev has done a good job thus far. Although English isn’t their native language, they communicate exceptionally and are able to understand and complete their work. They are also open and responsive to constructive feedback.

Software Dev Manager, International MLM Firm

The ongoing support from Sapiensdev.com has helped the client find the perfect match in candidates for their positions. Their service is impeccable, with the team being communicative and flexible, especially during challenging times.

AVP DevOps Shoe Retail Company

Thanks to the efforts of Sapiensdev.com, the company is able to establish a positive rapport with their overseas partners, as well as garner the ability to fill gaps in their development needs. The internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their project management flexibility.

Brian Gravel VP of Creative Technology, Gravoc

We are a SCRUM certified team

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