Nearshore Experts

“Talent is cornerstone for the success of any project. We are experts in attracting talent and coaching them to extend your existing team adding value to your organization”

– Al Lopez (Founder)

Hard work
in the same Timezone

Experienced talent can make a very positive impact in a project. Our team of recruiters and HR specialists will follow refined processes to search and present hand-picked profiles to fill your required positions from our existing developers or will hire the best candidate for the job using our hundreds of collaboration agreements with universities and groups of professionals in all LATAM.

Reduce time to market and increase your ability to deliver new projects while working in your same time zone.
No need to stay up late to be able to

interact with your team. Working in your own time zone with cultural affinity will make a big difference in the final result of your project. We align the team to your time zone so we can work and collaborate during your work hours, making communication easier and therefore reducing risk of failure.

Time zones for Texas. USA, SJO. Costa Rica, Bogota. Colombia and Buenos Aires. Argentina.

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our 3 engagement models



Sometimes it makes sense to rely on an experienced third party to Build a new operation, operate it until it is stable and Transfer it back once it is up and running. This model is a good fit for companies that wants to reduce risk but still move ahead. It is a solution in the middle of Outsourcing and Investment.

We can help you get started with your BOT operation. You will get the best of both worlds.

Team Augmentation


Agile Developers as a Service. We create and manage your team. Frontend, Backend and Full Stack. If you are used to manage Software development teams and you develop software as the core of your business or to support important processes of your company this engagement model is made for your needs.

You manage the Software Development Life Cycle while we put our world class Talent to your service with easy ramping up or down to adjust to your needs as the project advance from phase to phase.

Key in Hand

In Hand

We make your business ideas come true by developing costume made software, taking over the whole process of development and delivering you the final product.

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Custom Software Development

Mobile Apps Development

QA and Automated Testing

Application Integration

App Support and Maintenance

Solution Implementation

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