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Who are we?

Sapiens people are committed, curious, versatile, motivated and dynamic.
We have that certain something with which we enrich the company.
We do everything with enthusiasm, we are creative, unstoppable, resourceful, proactive.

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The path of the best practices

Our industry evolves so fast that maintaining a set of skills up to date that lets you add value to a Development team is a very hard thing to do. Fortunately for us our Development and HHRR departments work together to keep our Training process working and synchronized to the market needs.
There are certain skills that are harder to find in today’s developers so we work together with Universities and users groups to develop this skills among our developers and the Industry in general which in turn gives us a special place in the Software Development Community.
This help us find new talent and bring them on-board easily because they are more open and whiling to work with us.











Sapiens offers training to the team as means to generate growth in the professional trajectory of each and every one of the team members.

With the training, Sapiens Talent acquire the knowledge, tools, skills and even attitudes that in many occasions we need in our work role to perform successfully.

Types of Training

Online Training

We have a platform offering a wide variety of courses; Marketing, IT & Software, Development, Business and Office Productivity. Every participant can choose hours and dates when to take the course.

Coworker Training

The direct supervisor identifies the need for training on a specific topic in a team member and also identifies who from the internal team could train them given their level of seniority in the topic.

Virtual Training

A professor provides a live class with a specific schedule. For example, English course.

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